Use Cases

RenderDraw is a Salesforce-native application that can render 3D drawings in web-native format.
Welcome to the world of RenderDraw - a Salesforce-native application that excels at rendering 2D, 3D, and CAD drawings in a web-native format. Our platform delivers an array of use cases, from product visualization to self-service in communities. Walk with us through these scenarios and discover how RenderDraw can illuminate your Salesforce experience.

Primary Use Cases

  • Product Visualization: Bring your products to life in interactive 2D or 3D. Allow your customers and stakeholders to understand your product better with interactive rendering.
  • Interactive Visual Configuration (Visual CPQ): Configure, price, and quote products interactively and visually. Enhance customer engagement with our Visual CPQ feature.
  • Component Touch Interaction for Self-Service in Communities: Empower your community users with interactive self-service. Let them explore, understand, and manage components interactively.
  • CAD Conversion: Streamline your workflows with automated or manual CAD conversion, allowing detailed views of complex data.
  • Image Management: Easily manage and edit images for your Salesforce flows and records with our image swiper, Flow Images, and AnnotateIt! Tools.
  • Data Utility: Leverage our Basic, Advanced, or Pro tiers to engage with your data in new, efficient, and interactive ways.

RenderDraw Lightning Components

Our components are versatile and compatible with Quick Actions, Lightning Pages, Record Pages, and Flow Screens. Whether it's the Simple Renderer, File Selector, or Advanced Renderer, RenderDraw components can be deployed for all page types and are available for flow screens.

Salesforce Clouds

Known Usages Include:
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce B2B Lightning E-commerce
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Velocity
  • Other AppExchange Apps: Including Apptus CPQ, Conga CPQ, and more.

Custom Development

Our Lightning components are Aura Components for the time being, and can be composed into advanced interaction components using Aura:Events and component methods/functions. Custom Development examples can be found here.


RenderDraw leverages the power of WebGL for smooth, high-performance visuals. For the best experience, ensure your browser's WebGL settings are turned on.
RenderDraw uses WebGL and works best if you turn on your browser's Hardware Acceleration.​
Join the RenderDraw revolution today. Dive into the interactive world of Salesforce like never before and discover how we make data visualization insightful and delightful!