Key features and benefits
RenderDraw is a fully-featured 2D & 3D platform for Salesforce. It was designed to be used in dozens of scenarios, we've listed a few of the key features and benefits here.

3D Visualization

  • Product visualization for Sales and Service scenarios
  • Pan, zoom, angle and turn your 3D Renderings, right in Salesforce
  • Relate Salesforce objects to a 3D rendering and display them as part of the record
  • Scene is set up and managed by default. Add drawings to Salesforce easily

Exploded Technical Diagrams

  • Provide a greater level of detail for your complex products, using the drawings you already have

Lightning Flow Enablement

  • Utilize your 3D models anywhere within Salesforce with Lightning Flow compatibility
  • Admins can create custom 3D experiences using drag-and-drop components in the flow builder

Community Enablement

  • Enable customers or partners to interact, upload, and preview 3D files
  • Utilize built-in Salesforce approval processes, along with 3D interactions to improve the buying and service experience
  • Offer an immersive, guided-selling expereince for your customers and partners

Salesforce Mobile Enablement

  • View, pan, explode and interact with 3D renderings on the go, right from the Salesforce Mobile Experience
  • Provide interactive product walkthroughs in sales situations
  • Expand and explode diagrams in detail for immersive field service experiences

Interaction Tracking

  • Update records in Salesforce based on whether or not your users have interacted with your 3D models
  • Report on data gathered from interaction events. Know how long a prospect looked at a product and when they lost interest.


  • After you pan, zoom and explode your renderings, you can take a screenshot of the rendering to include as collateral in your Sales or Service scenarios.
  • Annotate, markup, and provide speficic notes on these screen-shots directly in Salesforce.

Salesforce Files Enablement

  • Preview, interact and screenshot your 3D renderings that are stored within Salesforce Files
  • No file size limitation or external system communication required
  • File Selector component works with any record type, displaying and previewing any attached 3D file to a record

Developer Enabled

  • Our fully documented, managed and updated component sets are configured to be used with custom applications developed by any resource

Dynamic Rendering

  • Visualize configuration by adding, removing and changing components in a 3D scene based on input within Salesforce

Visualization Relationship Management

  • Manage how you visualize 3D as it relates to your objects and applications
  • Define conventions for ANY Salesforce object and relate them to a 3D file hosted elsewhere
  • Scale your Salesforce org's use of 3D drawings to hundreds of thousands by way of mapping to existing resources
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