This page summarizes the essentials you will need to know to start with RenderDraw. Here you can find all the best practices and tips to install, set up permissions, and request license extensions.


To install the latest version (2.10.1 as of Mar 17th, 2022) contact a RenderDraw representative here
Package install is standard from Salesforce AppExchange. If an earlier version exists, upgrading is the same process.
Install for Admins only, and wait for completion. By default, RenderDraw is enabled for 14 days as a trial. An extension request can be made below.

Apply Permission Sets

Once installed, ensure you add the proper permissions for your users.
The RenderDraw User permission set allows view and interact-only access using the Simple Renderer Component.
The RenderDraw Admin User permission set allows for the setup of relationships, AdvancedRenderer Component, and 3D Scene Setup.
To learn more about permission sets from Salesforce, click here

Partner Org License Extension

To request a license extension for your partner dev org, click here Must be an existing signed partner.

Trial Org License Extension

To request a trial license extension for your org, click here and fill out the information